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Welcome to TeteWood, the only place to get the most stylish and eco-friendly spectacles online.

TeteWood presents an innovative concept of best eco-friendly spectacle frames that match your style and taste. We have taken inspiration from nature itself to develop high quality wooden frames in India that you can use for fitting your regular power lenses or even for creating truly sophisticated glares. Every single frame we offer comes with an assurance of quality, durability and cost effective performance that is at par with the best metallic and plastic frames available in the market.

A Style For Every Individual

If you seek a heroic look or want to give the impression of a creatively intelligent person, you will surely love our collection of exclusive wooden eye frames in India, which help you to get the desired look in a simple and nature friendly way. Irrespective of the style you choose, you are sure to make heads turn with your unique look achieved with our novel products. Browse through our various categories to find the frames that will help you reflect your true personality while also enabling you to play a minor part in the keeping your environment healthy.

Hand Crafted

Welcome to TeteWood, the only place to get the most stylish and eco-friendly spectacles online.

We at TeteWood have redefined the art of specs manufacturing by going green and using the most common element of nature to create extremely elegant eyeglass frames. We are the only wooden sunglasses manufacturer India to provide handcrafted wooden frames that create a style statement of their own. Investing in our products helps you say goodbye to the mundane plastic eyeglasses that are produced in countless numbers with same design. However, at TeteWood, every sunglass comes with a unique identity of its own, in terms of the design details and style.

Go ahead and try out our innovative frames that come with a green twist and enable you to do your bit for the environment while still looking cool and elegant in your amazing new eyewear.



Eco-friendly & Sustainable Wooden Eyewear

We at TeteWood intend to reduce this debris that proves extremely harmful for our environment which is why we have created complete bio-degradable yet absolutely strong and comfortable wooden frames. Your decision to buy wooden eyewear from TeteWood will initiate your effort to bring about a positive change and help create a better, cleaner and safer environment for not only your fellow earthlings but the future generations as well. Most importantly, you do not need to give up on your style and elegance in the process of helping save Mother Earth.