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“Every high achievement always takes place in framework of high expectation, increase your expectations on us; we are here to fulfill them all.” We are the Indian specs makers who are here to redefine the art of specs making. “When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves- so why not GO GREEN and make a cleaner and greener environment and make the Earth a better place for our fellow Earthlings.” Here we are to introduce the green element to specs making and hence introducing “PEEKS” to you! Oh! Hey, we are terribly sorry, we forget to tell you who we are and what PEEKS are and PEEKS are essentially specs with a twist of green in them.

PEEKS are not those boring window frames people put on their noses, PEEKS is an accessory of vogue, a style statement on its own. PEEKS have the ability to define you and finally PEEKS are definitely not made of plastic. We hate plastic, because it harms our mother EARTH!!

We make PEEKS that define you, customized PEEKS for you, that defines the real you! Bifocals are the new way to show your swag, a prominent fashion accessory, and it’s time to change the way the nation handles the biggest pollutant-PLASTIC! And it’s time to adapt to eco-friendly means. And the time has come to bring about the change.