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Geeks & Nerds

A common title for anyone with a bifocals on is a “You look geeky!” “Nerdy!” Not everyone with a bi-focal on is a nerd and vice versa! In good diction a geek is a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast or someone unfashionable or socially inept. Nerd is the name given by the set of intellectually weak people to the stronger ones! The unbridled passion a nerd carries for things that defines what he wants to be and helps pass the aura to the people around him. If people call you a nerd behind your back always remember you are still ahead of them! “NERDY” or “GEEKY” now it’s time to become “PEEKY”. One click away from the right destination for you buds!

Geeks & Nerds

12 Items


Moksha Alpha 3188.00 1820.00
Booze Circuit 2900.00 1950.00
Check mate 2330.00 1850.00
Hawk Move 2890.00 1850.00
Hawk Rose 2600.00 1680.00
Booze Gaze 3800.00 2700.00
Sonnet Duo 3250.00 2700.00
Choco Milk 3250.00 2780.00