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The greatest love stories ever written will be found bruised and hurt, shot and amputated lying in pools of blood at the border. A true soldier fights not because he hates who is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him more. A salute to the courage and bravery- here we are with unique patterns and designs for the real life heroes. The brave do not live forever, their lives remind us of a life that is well-lived. The highest measure of a man’s sacrificial attitude is portrayed in green and indigo at the frontiers of the nation! Patterns speak louder than words-we have just the pattern for a patriot like you. Bold and thought provoking designs that will go on to prove the youth today are no less than a Mr. Bose , or the famous trio ( Lal,Bal, Pal).


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Lurk Lips 3085.00 1680.00
Camouflage 2950.00 2470.00
Erotic War 2800.00 1870.00
Dead Sonnet 3900.00 2360.00
Booze Hell Comb 5200.00 3870.00
Moksha - Red War 3393.00 1820.00
White Cigar 2000.00 1620.00
Cigar Lurk 2000.00 1680.00
Prairies Grave 3000.00 2220.00